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A lot of porn stars have twitter accounts and every day they write something. We'll put here the most interesting tweets we find.

Alex Coal tweeted
Sometimes I like being wrapped in rope.
Thank you for the photos and the ties @Marshallbradfor
If anyone needs a #shibari expert or photographer in Las Vegas he's one of the first people I'd recommend.

Jillian Janson tweeted
It feels like yesterday that we were shooting this scene together @billbailey_xxx. I can’t believe you are gone.. you will be very missed, RIP

Megan Rain tweeted - Jan 16, 2019
I can’t decide which one I like the most...

Megan Rain tweeted - Nov 28, 2018
I have officially decided to do what I want to do. Bottom line is that after becoming a mom things just aren’t the same, so I’ve decided to get a breast augmentation and it’s happening in just 9 days guys!! Should I make a private Snapchat so you guys can follow my journey?!?!

Alex Grey tweeted
You're the professor & we walk into class... What you doing??

Sofi Ryan tweeted
Good morning πŸ˜ƒ go check out my new @Twistys scene with @Nicolette_Shea

Alex Coal tweeted
My unbooked days this month are the 8th, 14th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th 30th, and 31st!
Please tag any companies you might want me to shoot for on those days!
I'm interested in seeing who you want me to work with next!
(Thank you for the pretty photo NA!)

Karla Kush tweeted
Good morning babes

Ember Snow tweeted
#humpday ... with some titties

Jillian Janson tweeted
I would love to take off my pink panties and play with my pussy... Especially while we make each other horny πŸ’• Why don’t you call or text me so we can get naughty? Just click this link to connect with me

Cum & Paste @KeiranLee @Brazzers

Alexis Fawx tweeted
I do not & will not fuck fans however I will have a cup of coffee, smoke weed, have a real conversation, take a selfie with you ... this is just how i roll. I respect everyone & their choices. Just don’t expect ME to do what others do. I kindly ask you to respect mine.

Jane Wilde tweeted
ITS HERE 😍😍😍✨πŸ’•πŸ’˜πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’ž go to to watch the full trailer of DREDD 6, the absolute BIGGEST dick I’ve ever taken in all my holes

Lily Lane tweeted
Book me direct!
I have some availability left for this month!
GG, BG, BGG, DP, Anal, Gangbang, Blowbang, Squirt, BDSM... pretty much all types of scenes!

Felt cute might delete later
Jk look at my phat ass

Melisa Mendini tweeted
Do you prefer my breast or my pussy?

Kayden Kross tweeted
My boobs are looking super aggressive today.

Amber Deen tweeted
Would you put in on my oily ass

Alex Coal tweeted
Today has been FULL of adulting expenses.
But at least these panties are really cute. That's a solid silver lining I think.

Nikki Delano tweeted
Just wow i can’t say it enough. Thanks to each & every single one of you for all of the Bday love. Im floored to see how many people truly love me. Lately I’ve been going thru a lot that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet on Social Media. But you guys really made my day super special

Brandi Love tweeted
It’s feeling like Spring! #BrandiPics

Khloe Kapri tweeted
Will you guys still love me if I get braces?

Elvis Presley is still king.
So fucking sexy.
Heartbreak hotel right into this pussy.

Saya Song tweeted
I’ve spent the last several months focused on me, only fucking for money, instead of wasting my time on someone else who doesn’t appreciate it and giving away my affection for free. I think I’m winning.

Saya Song tweeted
I tried explaining to my mom how porn is perfect for me because I get paid to fuck men instead of having to put up with their bullshit and fuck them for free, but she still didn’t seem to understand.

Georgie Lyall tweeted
My body makes no sense to me all week I’ve been mega fat and bloated now I’m toned 🀦🏼‍♀️
@marcrosexxx look at my tummy now 🀦🏼‍♀️🀦🏼‍♀️ wtf man

Baby Nicols tweeted
Be careful with fake profiles on twitter and instagram. Please don’t send money to anybody, I don’t work as escort and I don’t ask money to my followers. This profile is pretending to be me @BabyNichols1
 please report it.  I don’t want my followers to be victims of scams. RT

Sinn Sage tweeted
I want and need you to watch as I fuck myself with different dildos and vibrators. It's so erotic that I squirt when cumming  and telling you how to stroke your cock!

Watch Toying With You! NOW Only at (link: #SoloFemale #SexToys

Aria Haze tweeted

Anny Aurora tweeted
No ball pit at the @TwitchCon ? Don’t worry I still got a pic for you! And who ever sees me: Don’t be shy and stare, just ask for a pic lol ❤️
#twitch #twitchcon #twitchcon2019

Cadence Lux tweeted
Who do you really want to see me fuck?

Jane Wilde tweeted
I think I’m allergic to creampies can any other performers with vageens lmk if this is something you think you have as well? Also I’m not gonna stop doing creampies bc of this don’t worry hahaha

Jane Wilde tweeted
To clarify, every time I get cum in my pussy it gets really swollen and throbs painfully like i took a hard pounding even if i didn’t. It gets really sore and tender for a few hours just from the cum.

Karla Kush tweeted
Hi there :) would suggest dousching with peroxide right after. It works wonders for me. A healthy vagina has a ph balance of about 4.5. Semen, blood & water all have very high ph levels of 9 or above. Seems like your pussy is having an intense reaction to being thrown off balance

Saya Song tweeted
Have you tried using tea tree oil? This last work trip I did tea tree oil douches and used tea tree oil suppositories to keep my pH balanced after all the creampies and it seemed to work. Plus, you get minty fresh pussy as a side effect.

Kayla Kayden tweeted
Kendall and I are actual sisters. Same mom and dad. Please stop asking us to do weird content together. It completely grosses us out! The answer will always be no! No matter how much is offered. The answer is no and it’s illegal! No money will EVER get us to change our minds!

Julie Kay tweeted
I wonder how you die in space πŸ€” like what happens to your body ? And do you just float around until you die from dehydration or starvation? can’t breath in outer space lol so I guess running out of oxygen would kill you πŸ™„ignore my high ramblings

Jane Wilde tweeted
You die instantly there’s no atmosphere your head will cave in

Kiki Cali tweeted
WELL somedaddy canceled some real necessities OR some asshole stole my packages OR the leasing office sent back cuz it was under my stagename -IDK, it’s great cuz I cried when I accidentally saw the purchase πŸ˜… help me furnish my little palace while I have a GOT selfcare cryday

Kiki Cali tweeted
Honestly, I suspect the leasing office fucked me, to which I’ve corrected so packages CAN NOW be sent under my stagename Kiki cuz the lazies couldn’t tell it is literally a NICKNAME to my full name, like it’s reeeeeeal obvious people
But idk who bought it so Idrk

Dillion Harper tweeted
Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend

Riley Reyes tweeted
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! It's been an unforgettable 24 hours!

My boys love when @ElsaJeanxxx & I let them take turns on us

Mia Malkova tweeted
Binge watching #GamesOfThrones today.

I love when men are sweet to me, do man shit for me, fuck the shit out of me, treat me like the queen that I am, recognize mutual respect, and then I suck their dick as long as they want because well, they deserve it.

LEXI LORE tweeted
She ain’t in love anymore, that’s more than he can afford

Jessica Rex tweeted
My fat wet pussy lips will squeeze tf out of your cock till you cum!

Riley Steele tweeted
I have a date tonight

Jennifer White tweeted
Pics from earlier today. Just felt like sharing cuz, hey..... I like you guys

Jodi West tweeted
I just love #SexySaturday !

Katana ️Kombat tweeted
Sunday shopping

Jodi West tweeted
And here’s a nice sweet picture for those who got there returns done early!

Veronica Santos tweeted
Here’s a teaser from my shoot

Abigail Mac tweeted
Happy Sunday! Doesn’t @JulesJordan take the hottest pics of me? I want to send you naughty pics like this everyday on (link: http://ONLYFANS.COM/ABIGAILMAC) ONLYFANS.COM/ABIGAILMAC

Karla Kush tweeted
I got @iamjasonluv all to myself today for @Kayden_Kross. Can’t wait for you guys to see this magic

Ivy Lebelle tweeted
I love how much I look like a filthy whore in this photo from my upcoming scene with @manuelferrara for @JulesJordan Bounce

Alex More tweeted
I need a good dick session on April 24th, Daddy. I want to be told fucked up shit, choked, and ravaged.

Elsa fucks old men Jean tweeted
What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you during sex?

Kayla Paris tweeted
Love this photo of me and @JennaSativa

Alessa Savage tweeted
I’m so horny but doing it myself just ain’t hitting it right... I need to be fucked.

Esperanza Del Horno tweeted
I’m seriously angry for someone saying why are your boobs so small πŸ˜’πŸ€¦‍♀️ like fuck you. I love my small boobs. Not every girl has to look like a blowup doll☹️ #SmallBoobsMatter

Ashley Adams reply to Esperanza Del Horno
im absolutely obsessed with your body. it looks so soft and tight. your boobies are edible all i want to do is suck on them! FUCK those haters! they want you so bad. jealously is a disease

Caitie Rage reply to @iamcardib
I'm a "street bitch" and I never did any of this sh*t. Doesn't matter where you came from, wrong is wrong.SMH . There are good people in low places. Let's not cloud minds with this bs. Drugging people is never excusable. The F*#@
Tweet from @iamcardib
I never claim to be a angel I always been a street bitch  Ya be glorifying this street rappers that talk and do that grimmey street shit but they can’t stand a street bitch!

Tweet from Lady Dee - Drahomira Juzova
Guys, I am anal lover :) so what do you think if my name will be Lady Anal not Lady Dee.
I really love dick in my ass. it makes me soo super horny :)

Tweet from Molly Stewart
Guys who bitch about a camgirl trying to make goals rather than giving it all for free have small dicks and small wallets. Can’t tip? Hang with me, lots of my regs don’t tip or don’t tip much, we still have fun & are tight. Don’t bitch that my pretty pussy isn’t free.

Megan Rain tweeted - Nov 28, 2014
I can't help but want to get my boobs done anyways, even if I'm hott "natural" I could still be hott with a full C cup.... Right ?

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