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Biography Samantha Rone
Samantha Rone was born May 5, 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada, America, and she is a porn star actress since 2012. She is born in Taurus and has no silicone implants in her tits.

Other scene names used by XXX star Samantha Rone in porn movies: Sammy, Sammy FTV, Sammy X Art, Samantha R , Samantha

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Aliases: Sammy, Sammy FTV, Sammy X Art, Samantha R , Samantha
Country of Origin: United States
Date of Birth: May 5, 1994
Eye Color: Green
Profession: Porn Star
Height: 167 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 53 kg - 117 lbs
In the porn industry: 2012 to the present
Extra: She does not have silicone implants in her tits.

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